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Franz Kafka Essay

In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Gregor, the main character wakes up one morning as a gigantic insect. Gregor is the one who provides for the family and he is paying off their debts. However, it is ironic how such a hard worker turns into a hideous insect. Gregor is the one sacrificing his freedom and time … Read more

Lord of The Flies Literary Analysis

In the novel Lord of The Flies Ralph is one of the main characters but there is also something special about him that sets him apart from all the others. In the beginning of the novel, he started off as a proper British boy who was pretty much harmless. Not much later he turned into … Read more

AP World History Essay

The increased flow of silver altered the worldwide global trading both socially and economically. The global flow of silver from the mid-sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century caused social and economic issues by creating social impact in China, changing the economic purpose of trading, and the overall exchange between the Chinese and European nations. … Read more

Advertisement Analysis Essay

Making the Public Aware In 2013, there were about 3,200 deaths due to distracted driving. But, people decided to make the public aware of these statistics by creating advertisements. So, when you first look at this specific ad, the main thing you see is the dark red blood spewing through the phone, onto this poor … Read more

Charles Darwin Essay

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. He died April 19, 1882 in Kent, England. Charles Darwin brought many interesting ideas to the world of science. He established the brilliant idea of evolution. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist. He is best known for his theory of evolution. Darwin … Read more

Critique Essay

The Reality of Being a College Athlete The rights that college athletes have while being a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association have been a growing debate across America for many years. Controversies over whether college athletes should be paid are on the rise as these athletes are overworked and do not even make … Read more

A Separate Peace Essay

In the book A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles, there are two boys who can’t be any more different. One is an extraordinary athlete, and the other is an exceptional student. The athlete, Phineas or Finny, is handsome, confident, and almost physically perfect. The exceptional student, Gene, is hard working, disciplined, and envious of … Read more

Compare and Contrast Essay

In the storyline of High Noon and The Most Dangerous Game, the two protagonists learn to feel fear when fighting the antagonists. Carl Foreman wrote, High Noon, it is based off a marshal who is retiring, has to fight to protect his town from criminals. The Most Dangerous Game is written by Richard Connell, it … Read more

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