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Month: January 2017

Princess Diana Essay

Why is Princess Diana a revolutionary? Princess Diana was no Disney princess and she certainly didn’t get a happily ever after when her short-lived fairytale ended in a tragic car crash. Nevertheless, she was as well-known as a Disney Princess. The public was drawn to her and gave her the reputation as “The People’s Princess” … Read more

Religion Essay Sample

Dear Your Holiness, My name is Tess Baker, I’m a year nine student at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic College. In class we have been learning about the Choice to Care, and developing an understanding of Catholic Social Teachings. The purpose of this letter to you is to inform you as to how Catholics can come … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay

Choices “It’s our chance to act like Jesus,” my dad explains to my sister and me. It was cold out and I could feel the chilling wind whipping at my face, smelling the reminisce of stale popcorn as he said this. We had just gotten out of the movie theater ambling behind my mother and … Read more

Career Research Paper Sample

A Career in Teaching Teachers have become an essential part in children’s lives. No matter the type, teachers have turned into a redundant need for schools and education. They have one of the most important occupations, to prepare the individuals that grow up to become leaders and citizens of this world. Requirements for teachers vary, … Read more

Short Story Essay Sample

Fear has controlled man’s view of society for centuries. Whether it’s fear of racism or distress of not being accepted, it can control the mind and overshadow the feelings of one’s self. “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and “The Children of the Corn” by Stephen King both portray the constant state of anxiety in their … Read more

The Odyssey Essay

Determination in The Odyssey The Odyssey by Homer is one of the most well known epic poems ever. This story takes place in ancient Greece after Odysseus fought in the Trojan War in Troy. It was written around 700 BCE and tells the story of Odysseus’ journey home to Ithaca from Troy. One of the … Read more

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