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Adolf Hitler Essay

The world has witnessed the rise of powerful and noteworthy leaders, some of which were a blessing and some a curse. Adolf Hitler was the latter. He was a leader of the Nazi party and the ‘führer’ of Germany who was responsible for an estimated 11 million deaths, many of which were very brutal. The ‘fuhrer’, Austrian born, united the Germanic nations and led the German empire into the World War II. The German themselves believed Hitler was an amazing leader, orator, and economist.

In his younger years, Hitler was shocked by his brother’s death. Adolf’s father was over controlling and mean, so with his brother he lost the only chance of getting to know what a loving family is. Hitler started filling the void with desires of making Germany his new family and by rejecting the ways of his country of birth and leaving his relatives. Hitler’s love for Germany led him to leave Austria and to join the German army. While in battle, he received temporarily blinding chemical burns, which gave him time to think about his ideals. When Germany was defeated in WWI, he became embittered and filled with malice against those whom he believed failed the motherland: the Jews and the leaders of Germany.

After the war Hitler was assigned to spy on the meetings of the German Workers’ Party (AKA the D.O.P.). Adolf found that the D.O.P.’s views aligned greatly with his, and with his superb oratory skills he quickly became one of the most prominent speakers of the D.O.P.

But what about his radical Jew hating and malice filled ideals?


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People became a prey to his ambitions when the German Great Depression made citizens “increasingly open to extremist options.” Hitler seized this opportunity with both hands. However, Hitler’s ever increasing infamy led to a power struggle for the leadership of the D.O.P., and so, in a plot to dash Hitler’s hopes of power, the founder of the political party formed an alliance with the socialist’s party. The founder’s alliance of convenience with the socialist party resulted in a disastrous backfire; sealing the fate of the soon to be former leader of the D.O.P. to political doom. Seeing the treachery from the German Workers’ Party’s founder the German people now flocked in droves to see his rival, Adolf Hitler. It was set so that the winner would be the leader of the D.O.P.; as the winner, Adolf now possessed “sole control” as the new leader of the party. The only thing left on his to-do list was becoming the leader of Germany. While Hitler was admittedly a good speaker, he was not good enough to win the presidency by speech alone, so he did what all desperate people do – he had his minions, the S.A., to intimidate and kill off his rivals. Hitler achieved the position of chancellor, but only through additional dubious tactics ultimately became the “de facto legal dictator.”
As the new Führer of Germany, he terminated reaming political resistance and began setting up the “Ultimate Solution.” Adolf separated the Jews from the Germans and began exterminating them. Hitler also set up extermination procedures that targeted children and the elderly with physical and mental disabilities.

Hitler caused both suffering and prosperity for the German. His view of the world when he was a child is what led him to his extreme thoughts and ideals. Hitler’s rise to power was achieved through a series of tenacious and diabolical schemes. While Adolf was in power he did things simply to inflict anguish on people. Unlike other dictators Hitler was notorious for the way he did things and the reason behind it, and that is why he is so much more famous than the other curses to humanity before him.

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