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College Application Essay Cliches: Spot ad Avoid

An admission essay is your time to shine. It’s the one chance you have to show the person behind the resume to the admissions officers, so the pressure is on. The more selective the college you are applying to is, the more writing a great essay will matter. Colleges usually receive large volumes of high … Read more

6 Steps To Write a Good Essay Fast

Let’s cut to the chase: being in a situation where you have to write an essay in an hour is just something you’re gonna have to deal with when you’re in college. No worries, though, every student’s been there, it’s just a law of the universe… or something. Regardless, there’s no need to despair. Here’s … Read more

How To Find Interesting Topics For a Research Paper

It’s crucial for every student to know how to choose a good research topic. Sometimes, you get a specific topic for research. But more often you have to come up with your own. It’s much better to write about something you chose for yourself. The research needs to be inspiring and challenging enough. You won’t … Read more

15 Productivity Hacks For College Students [Infographic]

College year is approaching and very soon you will be overwhelmed with tons of urgent tasks and projects. How to finish your assignments quickly when the deadline is near? Is it possible to spend less time on doing more? How to complete all the to-dos in time? We’ve collected 15 productivity hacks that will skyrocket … Read more

What Is the Formula For Excellent Essay Writing?

Do you think your writing skills need to be better? Maybe writing is your real passion and now you think it’s time to improve it? There are some tips a lot of writers use to write an excellent essay: Structure your thoughts Your readers won’t enjoy reading one page of a solid text because it … Read more

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