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Discrimination in America Today Essay

In 1968, the Civil Rights Movement ended and blacks were now considered equal. However, although the law states blacks have equality, has America enforced that law and stopped the racism? In fact, most recent studies show that America is regressing in racial movements and slipping back into the discrimination 1954 but with other groups being discriminated. Although racism does not exist in principle, it is frequent in practice. This country exemplifies regression based on the lack of unity and economic injustice that exists within communities.

In Chicago’s black communities, there have been no reforms in the lack of unity.  For example, the amount of homicides has rapidly increased over the past few years. “All of this is true as long as you include the generational division that exists among the youth in the African American community” (Hardiman). This quote proves the unreasonable lack of togetherness black communities have, causing a great number of youth murders. Most of the murderers kill because they feel unwanted and useless. If the citizens unite, people will feel more important and welcome resulting in a decrease of killings. “What happened to the days when blacks stood together in solidarity during the civil rights movement of the mid-fifties to sixties and the black power movement of the early seventies?” (Mcmillian). This quote shows not only the lack of unity among blacks, but as well as the absence of pride. It seems as though, now that blacks have been given their freedom, that they have given up on keeping the black community a whole. Which demonstrates a lack of pride because blacks no longer care about being respected as a race. America as a whole has not reformed as proven by the lack of unity among black communities due to a lack of pride and self respect.


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Another example of regression in America is economic injustice. A example of this is schools discriminating against students based on uncontrollable attributes. “Latino students, girls of color, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students also were disproportionately suspended” (Resmovits). This quote proves economic injustice because of the evident increase of suspensions of students that are considered different or queer. Economic injustice also ties into the theme of gain vs. loss because certain scenarios of economic injustice can be detrimental or beneficial to people. In the novel, Black Like Me, the main character was not given a job because of his skin color (Griffin). This represents the detrimental side of economic injustice because no one gained anything from him being discriminated. He lost a job and the manager lost a potentially valuable worker. However, the quote, “The IRS found that as you go from being merely wealthy (the 1 percent) to super-duper wealthy (the 0.001 percent), your average federal income tax rate actually goes down” (Ingraham), represents the other side of economic injustice that is beneficial. The rich gain from the economic inequality because they get to pay lower taxes as they get wealthier. Although America has outlawed racism in principle, it is clear we fail to practice it due to the detrimental and beneficial aspects of economic injustice.

America has not changed as shown by the lack of unity and economic injustice. However, what does the future hold if we keep regressing and not progressing? Every time an obstacle is overcome will a new similar one arise? This country is unable to uphold the laws it makes and perform the right actions to do so. If America practices the reforms made, racism will be completely eliminated and everyone will be equal.

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