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Ethics Essay on Abortion

Dying is something that most people don’t want. A baby dying can be difficult to cope with and sad to hear about. What can be so different about an unborn baby? It is very sad that valuable lives are cut off like that.  Using all the resources and technology we have in this current year 2016 we can develop some type of safe haven so another abortion does not have to happen. People can make the difference and stand up against the killing of another unborn child.

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. They are many reasons why an abortion is done. An abortion is usually done when there is an unexpected pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancies are more likely to happen in teen couples or a mature couple who is not ready for the commitment. Abortion from rape is also possible. Some argue that it is justifiable to have an abortion performed in the case of rape. There is also other opinions. A comment made by Matt Slick with the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry said that “It is not the fault of the baby that it has been brought into the world.” This is a very good point in terms of emotional support for the parents and even the baby if an abortion is not done.

The one questions that everyone wants to know about abortions like any other controversial topic are the pro’s and con’s. What makes abortion right or wrong? The US Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a “fundamental right” guaranteed by the US Constitution. Others say that abortion is cold hard murder. The con to this is explained by my mom Gillian. She says that “killing another person is wrong and defies the word of God which the US is founded on”. Some others argue that the unborn baby can’t feel the pain or experience emotion. My cousin Samuel says that “killing a human is just wrong even if the human is not born”.  People say that having an abortion reduces stress and financial problems for both parents. The downside is that is that abortions even today, significantly reduce the number of adoption babies. It can also reduce the chances for people to find world breakthroughs, like the cure for cancer or help for the homeless of even standing up against abortion.


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With all the information, facts, pros and cons, what can people do to stop it? One of the best ways to stop something is to prevent it. Prevention methods can be things like abstinence or family planning. There can be more stern rules and information for teens. If the pregnancy cannot be prevented, women should try to carry through with the pregnancy. When the baby is born, the baby will have a shot at life. Their life might not be the best, but at least they have a chance to fix that. With government funding and private funding and all the wonderful technology we have today, people can make a special orphanage for the kids. They can spend the first year with their parents and then put them up for adoption or send them to the orphanage. The best outcome is the parents will keep the child. People do not want to keep the children the orphanage forever.

In conclusion, Abortion is a horrible procedure. They are many other ways to stop an unexpected pregnancy. All humans born or unborn deserve a shot at life. Humans can give unborn babies a shot at life and see what they can do. Think about it! The potential of a cure for cancer or no homeless people on the street! But these good things can only happen if we stop killing innocent unborn babies.

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