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Fairness And Justice Essay

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!”  Those were the final words of Eric Garner, 43, he was accused of stealing something out of the beauty supply store when a policeman jumped on him and put him in a chokehold. The death of most african-american people are because police are killing them. When these crimes happen and the person/s go to court and the leave with a 5 month probation. The fairness and justice system has not evolved and has the American legal system doesn’t provide justice for all.

There is more violence by white people against people of color that does not get punished. African American people such as Eric Garner  was placed into a chokehold and wrestled down to the ground. When they got him down he repeatedly says, “I can’t breathe!” (The Guardian).  Also, Kimani Gray, Plainclothes NYPD officers confronted the 16-year-old Gray in Brooklyn. Police claimed that he pulled a gun before they shot him to death on the street, but Gray’s family disputed this allegation. Prosecutors announced this summer that they are not pursuing charges against the officers who killed the teenager(Rolling Stone).  These stories are also like Scottsboro boys because the boys weren’t believed because of the color of their skin and some of them were still rotting in prison 30 years after their case and didn’t get any justice. These are the the same for the black people Earlier it was mentioned that the white people are getting a very weak sentence for despicable crimes. What this says about America is that if a person was able to think about what has happened over 30 years they will see that America has failed the legal/justice system.

Police brutality is more of a problem now than it has ever been.  Many people in the US have faced with police brutality. Most of them are women and as some of them were in jail, they hung themselves just so they cannot face what they are going through. Take Sandra Bland for example, she was driving down the road as a she landed her dream job. Then a policeman pulled up to her and arrested her and as in progress arresting her he began to beat her. She was found in her cell 3 days later hung by her sheets ( Huffington Post). Another example, Robert Davis. He was a retired elementary school teacher from New Orleans. The police had a suspicion that he was publicly intoxicated. When he went home because Hurricane Katrina hit he went to go buy cigarettes, during the process he was beaten and he refused arrest. All of the charges were cleared (Robert Davis). This case is similar to Scottsboro because he was accused for a false claim of being drunk. This is a very big problem because he is being accused for something that was false. This says that America doesn’t care about skin color they just care about what justice is doing to correct the problem.


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Those who believe that this country has grown so much since the 1900s might say that the justice legal system hasn’t changed at all and that the police are not doing anything wrong, they’re just doing their job. But Police brutality against people has grown to an astonishing number of 461(News One). This doesn’t work because when you look at it deeply and realized that most of the people that have died because of plainclothes policemen you will notice that most of those people were Blacks.

In conclusion, you can tell that the legal/justice system have not evolved over the years.  The legal/justice system has failed the U.S because there we’re too many deaths of African Americans and police brutality cases. So when you think about how discrimination destroyed the U.S, think about how many lives have been taken because the court were not bestowing any charges against the policemen who were brutally assaulting, killing and accusing Blacks for false crimes.

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