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Modern Hero Essay

Both Odysseus, the Greek legend from the Odyssey, and Kid Cudi, a music producer and songwriter from Ohio, define the qualities of a hero through overcoming difficult obstacles, influencing others, and never giving up, proving that the definition of heroism has not evolved over time.

Odysseus overcomes physical obstacles in order to reach home, while Kid Cudi overcomes mental obstacles, proving that the definition of heroism has not changed throughout time. In one of Kid Cudi’s debut albums, Cudi releases “Soundtrack 2 My Life”. Throughout the song, Kid Cudi talks about his struggles with depression and abuse, “I’ve got some issues that nobody can see, and all of these emotions are pouring out of me. I bring them to the light for you, it’s only right. This is the soundtrack to my life.” This quote brings insight on the struggles in which Kid Cudi dealt with on a daily basis. Providing mostly for himself, Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, had to revolutionize the music industry in order to make a name for himself. On the same note, Odysseus proves himself a hero by overcoming physical obstacles such as many villainous creatures and the struggle for maintaining his morals,  In these scenes, the obstacles that Odysseus has to face are illuminated. Although Odysseus’s obstacles are mainly monsters and the struggle to find a way back home, Scott Mescudi shares similar difficulties through battling with depression and narcotics abuse.

Not only do Odysseus and Kid Cudi prove themselves heroes by overcoming obstacles, they also describe qualities of heroes by never giving up, even in difficult times. In the second verse of Kid Cudi’s previously mentioned song, “Soundtrack 2 My Life”, Scott Mescudi raps about his challenges throughout his childhood, “I’m super paranoid, like a sixth sense. Since my father died, I ain’t been right since.” This slip of his second verse enlightens the listeners about his determination throughout his childhood. Even after one of the most important figures in his life kicked him out and soon after died, Scott Mescudi found a way to progress and reach his goal. In similar fashion, Odysseus sails home in order to reach his wife and kid, overcoming difficult odds and persevering through the struggle. During this long ride home, Odysseus maintains faith in himself and continues to move forward towards his goal. In the same way, Scott Mescudi remains hopeful and continues to make music in order to revolutionize music and reach his goal.


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Ultimately, Odysseus’ and Kid Cudi’s demonstration of never giving up would not have occurred if they did not influence others. Kid Cudi displays this quality through reaching out to his listeners and connecting and guiding them. In Scott Mescudi’s single, “The Prayer”, he informs his listeners that he’s by their side, “And if I die, before I wake. I pray the lord my soul to take. But please don’t cry, just know that I have made these songs for you.” From these lyrics, Cudi’s letting listeners know that they have a shoulder to cry on. Even in the most difficult times, Kid Cudi did not have this support, and his ultimate goal in music is to be there for his listeners. In a similar manner, Odysseus influences his men while sailing to Ithaca. Odysseus inspires his men to be ready for a battle. After this, his men no longer have fear and are standing at Odysseus’ side.

 Odysseus provided examples of overcoming physical obstacles, influencing others, and never giving up, proving that the definition of a modern hero has not evolved over time. This proves that to this day, the definition of a hero is similar to those in Odysseus’ time.

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