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Nanotechnology Essay

Nanotechnology is a great piece of ingenuity. Just obtain a big piece of a raw material, blast it into a nano sized  piece and or take a molecule throw in some chemicals, give it a shake and boom you have yourself some nanoparticles.. Nevertheless, it’s just not that simple there is more to that process than some simple short steps. In fact, there are two ways of making the microscopic particle, top down approach and bottom up approach. Using ultrasonication is the way the Center for Sustainable Technology make nanodiamonds. According to their blog they use sound waves of bulk graphite flakes to break materials. Second, the bottom up approach. The Center for Sustainable Technology uses HAuCl4, or also known as a form of water-soluble form of gold. AuCl4, forms ions when disintegrated in water. Furthermore, A chemical compound is released in the water, which converts the gold ions into elemental gold atoms. Above all, very complicated.

Now, we have covered the overview of what nanoarchitecture is I think to fully understand the definition of nanoarchitecture we have to cover what the nanostructures are shaped out of. The answer to this is nanoparticles, nanoparticles- a microscopic particle of matter that is measured on the nanoscale, usually one that measures less than 100 nanometers. Nanoarchitecture is taking many little nanoparticles and putting them together to make a larger structure. So to make one little block of nanomaterial it takes oodles of microscopic nanoparticles. How nanoparticles are made: Nanoparticles are formed through the natural or human mediated disintegration of larger structures or by controlled assembly processes. The associated processes occur either in the gas phase, in a plasma, in a vacuum phase or in the liquid phase, eventually followed by the intentional or unintentional transfer into one or more relevant fluid media and then to an individual receptor in an exposure setting. Given these definitions I hope that you can better understand what we are discussing in this report.


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Nanoarchitecture is an endeavor in progress, but scientist Julia Greer and her partners at (California Institute of Technology) are making this far fetched dream into a reality. Julia and her partners already have invented a nanoparticle structure that they put through a stress test to see how well that microscopic nanostructures can withstand the extreme amounts of force that they would endure from the harshest weather environments. Over time these materials will become lighter but Julia Greer knows that heavier doesn’t always mean heftier or sturdier structures. Julia knows that the theory of bigger is better and heavier is strong doesn’t apply to the scientific world and this theory has been busted by Julia and her team at CIT. Greer used the same technique that has been around for many centuries and this is called hierarchical architecture and this type of structural building is used by turtles to help them have strong durable and also used by lobsters to make their claws stronger. This breakthrough could lead to many improved items like Rojas, Wilson 2 indestructible cars or lightweight airplanes the possibility is not limited to only a few things but tons of possibilities Revolutionary piece of technology under construction is what it is. If scientist ever perfect it, it has the potential to be very potent and a compact piece of technology. Although it still isn’t fl nanoscientist have structures built in the first, second, and in the third dimension. For example, in the first dimension they have surface coatings and thin films. In the next dimension, they have nanotubes and wires. Finally, in the third dimension they have created quantum dots.

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