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Ever since elementary school, my parents have encouraged me to go to college, but as the youngest of ten children, I observed that my family struggled with money. I began to plan furthering my education and have prepared myself by taking honors, AP, and CE courses. I am applying for the NJCU Business Honors Program because of tuition aid and I am prepared with various business credits through the Academy of Finance.

My family has always had trouble with money. It was difficult for my older siblings and parents to find jobs because they were immigrants. My dad was the only worker in the house, but our family collected cans and bottles to recycle as a source of extra income. I always felt embarrassed, but my dad taught me that honest effort and hard work will pay off in the future. My siblings were careless in school and I learned from their mistakes. When my siblings lost books I could see the worry in my parents faces because they already had bills, debts, and people to pay, but they made sure school fines were taken care of. Seeing this made me want to go to college with the least expense possible. The full tuition help from NJCU will help my family better manage financial situations.

My dream to go to college has been realized by my commitment to excellence. The opportunity to participate in the Academy of Finance helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a business degree. I have college credit and am well on my way to having my Associates Degree. I have taken 8 business semester classes such as; Accounting 1&2, Financial Planning, Banking/Credit, Marketing, Business Communications, and Economics. These 8 semesters have been strenuous, but I have successfully made it and plan on going even further. I have seen many of my friends drop-out of school and switch from difficult classes, but I knew I had to stay committed. I struggled with assignments and sometimes I would stare blankly at tests, but the vision of me as a college student held me steadfast and optimistic. Some of my siblings went on to college, but they have never followed through. I have seen my future through the lives of my siblings, and I hope to be the first graduate from college. Expectations for my classes were demanding, but I knew I would qualify for merit scholarships and this opportunity to be part of NJCU’s business honors program.


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I have grown so much throughout high school and am well on my way to college. Although money is a problem, my family is invested in, and looking forward to my success. I am resilient and able to take on obstacles and challenges in my personal life and educational endeavors. My business classes have prepared me for the competitive workplace and the aided tuition will help my family with our financial burdens.

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