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Should Syrian refugees be allowed in America? Essay

I think Syrian refugees should be allowed in the United States.

Also it isn’t right to not let them into the country because of the acts of a few. For example how would you like it if America fell on hard times because of people fighting the government, and causing war in your country, and you were stuck in the middle and wanted nothing to do with it but you can’t leave. Because no-one wants to help you because of some fellow Americans did something terrible that you were not apart of.

Only 1,500 Syrian refugees have been accepted to the United States since 2011, but the Obama administration announced that 10,000 Syrian refugees will be allowed into the United States next year. More than half of the United States government has said they do not want to let Syrian refugees in. Because of security risk and one prime example is one of the suspects involved in the paris terrorist attack is believed to have snuck in with Syrian refugees as a false name of “Ahmad al Muhammad”. In Greece in early October. Some leaders say they will not take Syrian refugees or they want them to be scrutinized as potential security risk.

Reasons Syrians shouldn’t be allowed into the United States because they are mostly all “Terrorist”, and more terrorist attacks will happen in the United States if they get let in. In short yes it is a possibility but that’s racial profiling, and my main point is thousands shouldn’t be punished for a fews crimes. The council of American Islamic Relations said that defeating ISIS includes showing American Ideals, and states that want to reject Syrian refugees are abandoning American Ideals and showing our fears instead. In fact states do not have the authority to deny Syrian refugees from coming. The federal government has the final say but states opposing it just makes things more difficult for the federal government final to decide.

In conclusion this is why I think that Syrian refugees should be allowed in the United States. Because many Syrians were not at fault for a few that chose a terrible path. After all they should not be punished and abandoned when they have nowhere to go and when they need help the most.

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